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GreenSea Solutions LLC, Provides eco-conscious companies & individuals access to CanMAXX dual stream adapters.  We offer the latest in recycling collection technology!

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Maximizing every can, bin, and basket!

The Canmaxx, is a patented adjustable device that fits on top of any container from a small bathroom waste basket up to a full size curbside trash container, or anything in between!  While, holding two plastic, cloth or mesh bags securely in the container, you instantly, divide the single container into two bag lined subsections. Similar to dual stream containers with fixed containment zones, the Canmaxx allows for easy recycling and trash separation inside the home or office however, the Canmaxx allows the user to interchange what container they choose to divide.  Perfect for travel or using on a common refuse container.  Everybody recycles differently and the Canmaxx allows the user to decide what container they divide!  Whether sorting different types of recycling, refuse and recycling, different types of yard waste, pet food, lawn and garden products or other materials, maximizing your efficiency is a snap with this new and exciting product!

Canmaxx was invented by Warren McDuffie, a devoted husband and father of twin sons.  "My innovation was driven by the need to find a simple solution to the problem of recycling not being easy enough for more people to practice regularly."  Once the concept was turned into a working plastic printed prototype, we knew we had something that could do way more than just help people recycle!