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Canmaxx is a patented dual stream adapter that turns any container into a dual stream container.

By utilizing the the same space in a dual zone configuration, you're able to capture and separate up to 100% of recyclable material.

Our design is easy to use right away.  It's so simple kids can use it.  Installing Canmaxx takes less than one minute.

Ready to step up your eco responsibility?  Using your CanMaxx is a smart start on your path to better managing your waste. 


Canmaxx was invented by Warren McDuffie, a devoted husband and father of twin sons.  "My innovation was driven by the need to find a simple solution to the problem of recycling not being easy enough for more people to practice regularly."  Once the concept was turned into a working plastic printed prototype, we knew we had something that could do way more than just help people recycle!


Being Green is fun and the right thing to do.  



Recycling has never been more convenient and fun!  Just adapt your trash can into a dual stream can with a CanMAXX dual stream adapter!  Separate at the point of Pitch!